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Of One Heart - Rug Canvas
Primitive Linen or Monk's Cloth
32" x 20"
Our Rug Hooking & 
Punch Needle Designs!
Our rug hooking canvases are all hand-drawn (and on-grain) onto natural linen and are designed to be hooked with a primitive cut wool (#5 or wider).  We also offer many canvases hand-drawn on monk's cloth (cotton) as well, which can be hooked with any width of strip! 
(Please excuse the change of color in the linen and monk's cloth in these pictures; it is due to the photography. 
All the linen is the same natural color and not bleached.)

Our punch needle patterns include the natural color "weaver's cloth" for you to transfer design onto.  

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Birdie Batter Crock
Primitive Linen or Monk's Cloth
16" x 21"

"It's finished!  I hooked this entire piece in a size 8 cut and in a few tight areas I hand cut those size 8's down a bit.  I used all 'off the bolt' wools for this rug." 
Autumn's Perch
 - Rug Canvas
Primitive Linen or Monk's Cloth
18" x 24"
Auntie Von's Creamer 
- Rug Canvas
Primitive Linen or Monk's Cloth
14" x 14"
Table Salts - Rug Canvas
Primitive Linen or Monk's Cloth
26" x 21"
This is a customer's interpretation of this design.  It was hooked by a friend as a celebration of her 50th wedding anniversary.  She kept the whole thing a secret from her husband while she hooked this gift for him!
These two models are customers' interpretations of Table Salts and Autumn's Perch designs. 
My Auntie Von taught me to sew, bake and garden... and she always served coffee and dessert with this creamer filled with milk.  A sweet reminder of her and her influence in my life.  
I love stacks of pumpkins and of course, crows!  A customer hooked this version, very primitive styling and very fast to do!
There will be more rug and punch needle designs to come!  

Please email us photos of your completed rugs.  We'll be developing a page of "customer's interpretations" to show them off.  We would love to add yours!
Old Glory Runner
Primitive Linen or Monk's Cloth
47 1/2" x 11 1/2"

Above rug hooked by a dear friend.  She finished it in only 3 weeks!  Notice the "tunneling" technique used to separate the tongues since she did not hook them in two different colors.    
​Below - the same rug plus another hooked by a different friend, in a #5 cut.  She rounded the corners and made the tongues in two colors.  She also found some neat metal star buttons to add to the tongues since it will be for her table.  She is still finishing the rug so the stars are not on it yet!  Oh, and it's all hand-dyed wool!!!
This ad was in the Fall issue 2015 of Rug Hooking magazine!
a-MAIZE-ing Fall! 
Copyright 2015 - $54.00
Primitive Linen or Monk's Cloth
24" x 16" 
64" Linen and 58/60" Monks Cloth, #6 and #8 Primitive Hartman Hooks and Washed Black Wool in fat quarter, half yard and full yard cuts!  

Linen - $33/yard; Hooks - $40; 
Felted (Washed) Wool Fat Quarter - $13.50, Half Yard - $26 and Full Yard - $49
Black wool shown here; please call for other color availability
 such as white.

NEW - Textured Felted WOOLS for sale - full and half yards!  
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Primitive Linen - 64" wide 
Should be hooked with #5 cut or wider wool strips.

"Cardinal Rule-Love One Another"
in Wool Applique and Rug Hooking!
Dimensions - 20" x 13"

Rug Hooking Canvas on Primitive Linen or Monk's Cloth - $47 

Applique Pattern Available - $21
"Cardinal Rule-Love One Another" is copyrighted 2014 by Meetinghouse Hill Designs. All Rights Reserved
The BEST "pressing aid" for all your hooked rugs... 
a "Fluffer-nutter"!
She was a beloved part of our company, and we miss her dearly.
"Forest Friends 2" - Available on Monk's Cloth Only - $39; Dimensions - 14" x 14"; Copyright 2016, Meetinghouse Hill Designs, LLC

#8 Hartman Hook - for primitive widths
- $40.00
And now there's a punch needle version of it too!  Pattern includes the natural color weaver's cloth to transfer design onto.   Pattern - $11.00 
Another punch needle version of one of our applique patterns, "For Love of Country"!  Pattern includes the natural color weaver's cloth to transfer design onto.   Pattern - $13.00 

Birdie Batter Crock - Punchneedle
Complete instructions, reverse printed image for tracing and weaver's cloth.
4.5" x 6.5"

"Redware and Pears"
in Wool Applique and Rug Hooking!
Dimensions - 16" x 12" for hooked rug

Rug Hooking Canvas on Primitive Linen 
or Monk's Cloth - $35 

Applique Pattern with Rug Hooking Pattern Available - $26
My original rug, close-up.