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All Original Designs by Artist, Kathy Gaul
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Our Designs, Your Workmanship... 
Hand-Crafting Heirlooms in Wool.
 Original Wool Applique Patterns, Kits & Rug Hooking 
Our booklet format with color photos in addition to the written instructions and pattern sheet!
Available as a wool applique pattern booklet ($25), or, as a rug hooking canvas on primitive linen or monk's cloth ($47)!  Visit the "Shop Online Store" for details!
Our booklet format features full color photos of all the steps to applique the design, plus our signature detailed instructions, drawings of all the necessary stitches, full scale printed pattern layout and individually drawn pattern pieces.  
"Cardinal Rule" Complete Kit - $ 149.00
"Celebrate America!"- Wool Applique Booklet Pattern - $34

Complete Kit Available - $205
"Blooms on Old Wood" - Wool Applique Booklet Pattern - $30

Complete Kit - $355 includes booklet, all the felted wools (background and applique - and the flower fabrics are hand-dyed!), all 25 hand-dyed wool and cotton threads, cotton stuffing and freezer paper!
"On the Right Path"
Available as a wool applique pattern booklet ($27), or "Pattern + Threads" ($165) or
 Now Available - Complete Kit with all wools, threads and pattern - ($235)
Design Measures 12" x 16"
"Enter into Autumn"
Available as a wool applique pattern booklet ($24), or "Pattern + Threads" ($145)
Now Available - Complete Kit with all the wools, threads and pattern - ($225)
Design Measures 11" x 14"

Our "Booklet" Style Patterns & Kits,
 Featuring Color Step by Step Photos...

"Field Lilies and Fancies" pattern book is packed full, with 20 pages of detailed instructions, full scale pattern layout and separately drawn pattern pieces, plus 6 pages of full color photos of the step by step construction!  There are over 80 images in this pattern book!  $38.00 for the pattern.

Copyright 2016 MHD, LLC
Pattern Available - $23.00!
"Oh, Fluffy Stuff!" 
For every cat lover out there, Fluffy is a fully dimensional 12" portrait of our furry friend, featuring mohair edge-stitched wool layers of fur, needle-felted ears and reverse appliqued eyes.  Complete Kits Now Available Too - $135.00
Copyright 2015 MHD, LLC
Copyright 2015 MHD, LLC
Copyright 2014 MHD, LLC
Copyright 2015 MHD, LLC
Copyright 2015 MHD, LLC
"No-sew", dimensional design, "Winter's Woodland Gifts"!   Yes, it is true, these three evergreen boughs, winterberry branch and pinecones are all crafted from felted wool, wire and glue and not a single stitch!!!

Even more exciting is the fact that this pattern includes over 30 color photographs of the steps to make this whole project. Pattern - $14

Complete Kits now available - $75, includes all the felted wools, wires, floral tape, cotton batting, jute string, rusty bells and bow!

Finished size is about 16" x 20"

Shop our webstore now to order!
"Auntie Von's Creamer"
Punchneedle Pattern - $13.00 includes the plain weaver's cloth for tracing design.
"Birdie Batter Crock"
Punchneedle Pattern - $14.00 includes the plain weaver's cloth for tracing design.
"For Love of Country"
Punchneedle Pattern - $15.00 includes the plain weaver's cloth for tracing design.
Our Punchneedle Designs
On the steps of First Church (a true meetinghouse!), where our journey together first began 30+ years ago, to where we are today running our pattern company!  
Welcome to Meetinghouse Hill Designs - 
Kathy and Jerry Gaul
Love this painting?  It's a Charles Munro original!  We are honored to share a friendship with this remarkable folk artist, who also received honors as an Early American Life Directory Artisan for 2018.  Visit Charlie's website to see and shop his wonderful paintings and carvings at:

Redware and Pears
featuring dimensional pears and jug
Inspired by a friend's lovely collection of antique redware jugs and an historical early 1800's dish from the Huntington Library in CA.  
If you love antiques, then this one is a must for your collection!
Permission Granted for Use  Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, Gail-Oxford Collection.  
American Loaf Dish
"Redware and Pears" is available in our new "booklet" style pattern, with 35 color step-by-step photos to aid in stitching this dimensional still life design.  Pattern booklet also includes the hooked rug pattern as a bonus! 

Pattern - $26.00 (for both the applique, and the hooked rug) ORDER Now

Complete Kit for Applique Design - $110 includes pattern, all felted wools (hand-dyed and bolt), hand-dyed applique threads (cotton floss, pearl cotton and wools), freezer paper and Quilter's Dream Dream Wool batting for adding the dimension beneath the jug and pears!  ORDER Now

Rug Canvas - $35 (choose Primitive Linen or Monk's Cloth foundation)
Rug Canvas is hand-drawn on foundation fabric; it does not include any wools.

Finished Dimensions of Wool Applique Design - 12 1/2" x 9 1/2" - features wool batting beneath jug and pears for dimensional realism.

Finished Dimensions of Little Hooked Rug - 16" x 12"
 Here are the pieces of artwork we submitted for judging in 2019 and were awarded the honor of "Directory Artisan" for both the Artisan Directory and Holiday Directory listing: "Redware and Pears", "A Summer Tradition", "Cardinal Rule-Love One Another" and "Raven's Secret".  
We are thrilled to have received this honor for the second year in a row!
Happy Anniversary to Us in 2024!
This month in April, we celebrate 15 years of business!
We are delighted to share our passion for wool with all of you! So, enjoy our website, shop our "online store"  by clicking on the button to the left, and be in touch with any questions.  
We look forward to inspiring your journey of stitching, hooking and punching! Blessings!  Kathy and Jerry

"Pining for Ewe" 
10" x 8" pillow 
Pattern -$10
Complete Kit, featuring Weeks Dye Works threads and all felted wools -$62

"Willow Ewe 
Be Mine" 
12" x 15" pillow or wall hanging for sheep lovers!
Pattern -$14.50
Complete Kit, featuring The Gentle Art threads (not shown in photo) and all felted wools to complete as a pillow -$94

Our 2018 Early American Life Directory of American Crafts entries awarded the honor of "directory artisan" listing: 
"Childhood Friend", "On the Right Path", "Blooms on Old Wood" and "Celebrate America!". 
Thanks to the Colorado Springs Woodman Edition newspaper for interviewing me, and Fluffy, in July of 2019, about our pattern design company! Sadly, we lost our wonderful kitty that November, and we miss her dearly. How grateful we are to have this picture with her, taking the spotlight!

Read the full story at their Facebook page.

Are you an Early American Life magazine subscriber?  If so, did you see this piece, "Cardinal Rule" shown in the 2019 Holiday Directory of Traditional American Artisans, in the Christmas issue?  We are so delighted to be named a Directory Artisan, AND have our artwork featured!
RUG CANVASES for "Wool Sheep" (standing) 14" x 11" with word "WOOL" on left side, and "Reposing Sheep" - 16" x 12" with the word "SHEEP" at the bottom; (finished size as shown is 16" x 10", without the wording. Canvas is drawn with the wording.)
 WOOL SHEEP - $44 on linen or Monk's cloth.
REPOSING SHEEP - $45 on linen or Monk's cloth.
"Fur Love"
Fur Gets Into a Heart Forever!

Pattern -$15 or
Complete Kit, $117, featuring Weeks Dye Works cotton flosses and pearls, and DMC metallic threads, the all felted wools, freezer paper, wool batting and cotton mini check to complete as a small wall quilt with the mini pillow/ornament too! 

Finished size is 15 1/2" x 13 1/2"; ribbon wrapped mini pillow/ornament 
is 5 1/2" x 4 1/2"
Not a fan of fur?  That's okay because this pattern can be altered to celebrate a wedding, anniversary, engagement, or even a birth!  And the individual blocks can be made into 
little pillows as well
Hello, Sweet Pea!

Longing for the warm days to dig in the earth, for flowers to bloom and to pick our crops, this little
 6" x 8" design brings hope for the days to come! 

Available as a pattern for $10 at our Webstore, a DIGITAL  pattern for$7.75 or KIT for $34 (wool and threads only so pattern format may be selected separately.)

Patriotic Posies

A fresh-picked bouquet of anemones, clothed in patriotic colors!  

Finished size is 7" x 8 1/2" and can be framed, finished as a small quilt or wall hanging or made into a pillow.

Features fully dimensional blooms and a variety of embroidery stitches.  

Visit our Webstore to order this pattern for $11.00, a DIGITAL pattern for $8.50 or the NEW kit for $62.00 including all original wools and threads!
For the third year, we have been named to the Early American Life magazine's Directory of Traditional American Crafts as a
 "Directory Artisan" for 2020 with submitted works, "Enough to Share" and "Willow Ewe Be Mine", and into the Holiday 2020 Directory as well, with "Old Glory" and "Of One Heart".  
We are truly honored to have our work judged and awarded this prestigious listing!  
The Directory is featured in the August issue and upcoming Holiday issue! 
Read more about the Directory at their website: Early American Life - Directory Artisans.

Our New Favorite Autumn Design...
"a-MAIZE-ing Harvest"!
Three fully dimensional ears of Indian corn, plus a 20" long wire and wool bittersweet vine.  Autumn is approaching and we celebrate the harvest!

Pattern is available at our webstore for $19.50 and includes detailed written instructions for creating all three versions of the corn and crafting the bittersweet vine, plus our exclusive "photo sheet" with 50 color images that coordinate with the written instructions. 

Separate HUSK wool and KERNEL thread KITS for each colorful ear are available too!

Gather the corn cobs and vine together for a delightful door spray or use them individually to fill a wooden bowl, dress a tablescape or drape over a cupboard!

"Lighting the Way"!  Advent Season ornament pattern.  

Celebrate the anticipation of Christmas with these appliqued and embroidered candle and evergreen ornaments.  Representing the Advent season with colorful candles and the evergreens of the encircling wreaths we see in churches, these ornaments will become treasured heirlooms to pass to future generations!  

Or, if you prefer, stitch simple all white candles, and let the light shine in your home, welcoming all who enter!

PATTERN for ornaments available for $10 - "Lighting the Way".

Inspired by a love of antiques... "Earthenware Hearts" is a trio of stuffed "shelf sitter/bowl filler" hearts that replicate the look of traditional redware and yellowware pottery.  

In a NEW format too!  Available as a "downloadable" pattern so it's in your hands and ready to stitch without delay! 

Digital Pattern available for $8.50 at our webstore, as well as a Printed Pattern for $11.00.   

"Beauty in the Buttery"
Remember crocks of old?  Useful, "needfuls" for storing food in the buttery of a home?  Well, these crocks also were works of art by their potters, who decorated them with cobalt "slip" decorations of birds, flowers, vines, animals and numbers!  
Inspired by a love of antique crocks... our NEW PATTERN features an ovoid shaped salt-glaze crock sporting an embroidered bird and appliqued flowers and leaves.  A great small wall hanging to complement a crockery collection. 

PATTERN available for $16.50

KIT available for $97.00

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Seasonal Highlights - "Mistletoe and Holly", "Sweet Traditions" and "Happy Fall". Visit our WebStore for these designs!
Highlights from 2022 - "Summer's Best Pickings" and "Bloom!". Visit our WebStore for these designs!