Fun things to complement your wool collection!

On this page you'll find sewing related and "sheep" related little extras!  
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Kathy J. Gaul, Designer
Jerry Gaul, Business Manager
Wool Applique Essentials Kit   $19.50

Complete kit includes small, round head applique pins, size 24 chenille needles and a white chaco liner marking tool.
Applique Pins   $7.25
Size 24 
Chenille Needles   $2.25

Size 22
Chenille Needles $2.25

Size 18
Chenille Needles   $2.25
White Chaco Liner
Marking Tool   $10.50
Miscellaneous Items for Your Stitching Needs!
Or, Purchase Each Separately!
"Prairie Cloth" all cotton fabric -  fat quarter   $3.50 (tan only)
1/2 yard - $7.00; One full yard - $14.00

Fat Quarter size approximately 20" x 18"; great fabric for the bird door hangers or the background of Cape Cod Beauties!

Image shows single layer of fabric, and as it arrives to you rolled up!
Stuffing from Quilter's Dream - all cotton stuffing
 $2.75 for 2 oz.
2 oz. package, sized approximately 19" x 13"; great for stuffing the sheep's face in the Sew Crazy for Ewe pattern, or for stuffing the door hangers or Flake and Wooley!
White Chaco Liner
REFILL  $5.00
Kai Serrated Edge Scissors Gift Set -  $60.00
Individual Scissors Also Available:
Kai Serrated Edge Scissors - 4" - $20; 6" - $22; 8"- $25
Stuffing from Quilter's Dream - 16 oz. bag - $12.50

Wool Applique Essentials Tools & Techniques Booklet   $11.00

24 pages filled with descriptions of the stitching, cutting and finishing techniques for wool applique, plus step-by-step photos of the blanket stitch, and more embroidery stitches drawings!  A special emphasis on stitching "dimensional wool applique"!
Wool Batting from 
Quilter's Dream -
 $3.25 for 12" x 24" piece (sized for use in our "Sew Crazy for Ewe" design, or
$19.50 for "throw" size 61" x 60"
Did you know that applying a little bit of steam to this wool batting makes the loft increase?  It works beautifully to layer beneath wool applique to add dimension to a design!
We are in the process of reworking this little handbook!  
Watch for an updated version!